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Services for Startups

The Process

Nitro solutions Startup process
Contact & Discovery
Contact and Discovery: We discover the potential of your product and create a draft for our work together.
Startup Onboarding
You will learn how to run a successful, ROI-positive business.
Product Development
Develop a product through design processes that your market badly needs.
With 10+ years of experience and ‘A player' partners, we help you scale up your business.

The Solutions

Startup acceleration
We help startups become successful by mentoring, networking and with investment.
Smart Robotics
We have also developed autonomous rovers controlled by artificial intelligence.
We develop life-long education system, supported by personal skill management software.
We develop complete supply chain ecosystems from Farm-to-Fork.
Product development
We develop your product transparently, with the help of well-defined and predictable processes.
Low code / No code
We build software applications without the need to write code hence the development will be faster.
Triple Helix model Nitro Solutions

Key Benefits

Startup acceleration
You don’t need a dogmatic methodology. Your idea is unique, so we adopt a personal process for your business.
We are working with transparent processes that you can control anytime.
We help you build an independent company economically and technically.
No more toxic and ineffective people on board.

Why us?

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We offer personalized service and expert knowledge of the engineering and software development industry.

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Nitro Solutions is your partner in achieving your goals and beyond.

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