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The Solutions

Project Strategy Planning
We help you determine how you can deliver your project in the best possible way by creating feasibility study.
Full Project Delivery
We provide full service solutions for your projects. Planning, design, development, maintenance. Everything that you need.
Delivery Team Resourcing
If you have extra resource need on your projects or you have lack of any specific expertise, this is the solution that can help you.
UX/UI Design
We completely design your products based on your most important user personas. Unique designs for your software.
Quality Assurance
During the software development we put great attention to the quality assurance to guarantee the great value during the whole process.
Support and Maintenance
Once we delivered your project, we help you with the operation and continuously improve it based on your needs.

Backend Stack

  • Java
  • Java Spring
  • Spring Boot

Frontend Stack

  • React
  • Angular


  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Kaffka, Cassandra
  • Jenkins, Git, CI/CD

Startup Knowledge Base

Keep pace with the ever-changing field of technology with our Startup Knowledge Base!

Let’s see

Nitro delivers 360 degree software development solutions

You will get ongoing support for your software including bug fixes, security patches and updates. We will take care of your new system.
Heaving a good feasibility study will save you a lot of unnecessary costs even before starting your project.
You will get full assistance during the deployment period. We will ensure that your software works properly and integrated with your existing systems
You will get unique designs for your software. We completely design your products based on your most important user personas.
Your  software will meet your requirements and it will work properly. To ensure that we provide manual testers and we also implement automated tests.
We are engineers and we love to create, but we focus on the value creation. You will get the highest possible value for your investment and not just some "state of the art code".


We filter out the noise and provide valuable resources about entrepreneurship and startups. This is our latest resources:
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Nitro Solutions is your partner in achieving your goals and beyond.

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