Project Based Development

We deliver software focusing solely on your demand. During the entire development process, you can be sure that what we provide is always working and ready for use.


The Process

Project based delivery process
After we get to know your product, the tasks, and due dates, we create your team based on the skills that are best suited to your needs.
We create the processes in order to keep the deadlines and a high level of quality - in a transparent and controllable way.
Product Development
Based on the direction defined in the development stage, we carry out the outsourced tasks on time and  keep you informed.
UAT, Golive & Support
We believe in long-term collaborations, therefore we will also help you with any future optimization tasks you might need.

Backend Stack

  • Java
  • Java Spring
  • Spring Boot

Frontend Stack

  • React
  • Angular


  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Kaffka, Cassandra
  • Jenkins, Git, CI/CD

Key Benefits

Agile project delivery methods
We select the project delivery method based on the customer needs. This way we can garantuee to work together effectively
We work with transparent processes that you can control anytime.
Our Product Owners helps you to identify the business opportunities and translates them to the developers' languages
As a delivery partner, we work closely together with our clients to reach the most important trinity goals. Scope, Timeline, Budget.

Why us?

Focus on business value creation

We deliver a solution that focuses on core business and strategic value creation.

You have the control

Control of the value creation process throughout the project is in the hands of our customers.


An experienced Agile Software Delivery Team can achieve 300% of the efficiency of an average software development company, because it is able to think on a business basis, see through the eyes of the analyst, and implement the interests of the end user.

Quality assurance

Our test automation tools and experienced inspectors guarantee the delivery of a high quality and sustainable software product.

Nitro Solutions is your partner in achieving your goals and beyond.

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